Today I want to thank you all for that moment, that still and quiet moment, just before you put your name on the calendar and commit to a shift.

Choosing to take a shift – choosing to take a moment out of our full and busy lives in order to make ourselves available to others – requires a willingness, requires a discernment between options, requires agency.

When we gather as a group of volunteers, we share story after story of how we have been impacted by serving as listeners. There is an overall gratitude and joy we have each experienced and that is part of why we keep coming back, keep taking shifts. Something about serving at the Listening Post nourishes us.

And yet, it still requires that moment of taking action. There is a flow to how the Listening Post has evolved and continues to unfold before our very eyes. Still, we have not been pulled along… we have chosen to walk with the path of service as it unwinds before us.

I want to take this moment to acknowledge the mystery of surrender and action in that still, quiet space from which you have given yourself to others through serving as a listener.