I enjoy supporting you all from afar. This week my letter to you is late and I wondered if you felt my support regardless. Shifts at all of our locations are filling like any other week and my gratitude for your commitment deepens – even when I have thought it could deepen no further. It is an awesome experience… gratitude is limitless.

If you don’t already know it, I would like to share with you that if feel supported by your service in the world. Every time I look at our calendar and see the commitments made, every time I receive an email with some amazing detail of what your listening experience has been, every time the LP receives a request for volunteer training… I feel personally supported, lifted up, just by knowing there are listeners in this world.

What you each do creates a ripple beyond what you could possibly know. This is natural, everything we do makes a ripple unbeknownst to us. And what you do is listen. What an incredible impact your service has on life itself. I am grateful for that. I am for your presence and your listening hearts. 

from within the silence, gratitude,