Perhaps Listening’s greatest giff is that it helps us sense our connection to each other and it celebrates that connection.

“At its base, the tree is a single trunk, representing the cosmic axis or ‘axis mundi’. The branching of the tree represents the emanation of multiplicity from unity. Despite this brancing, however, the tree remains a single living organism. Although apparently divided, the tree is, and always remains, whole.”
-Thomas J. McFarlane
The Mandala Book-Patterns of the Universe pg. 252

Whether this unity is spiritual and existential in nature or simply resulting from a shared human experience on the Planet, we feel it strongest when we sit quietly, focused on the words of another who needs to be heard. As we realize similarities between what they share and what we have lived, we know we are not alone. As the one being listened to, the sharer, experiences the power of that undivided complete focus and attention which is at the heart of the Sacred Practice of Listening, they are reminded of their own worth and place in things. Both listener and sharer are blessed.