I am still in London.  I just wanted to share a listening opportunity I had on the bus this morning.  In general, people here are usually very reserved and don’t acknowledge strangers especially in public places. However, on occasion, I have spoken with a few people on the bus.  This morning I sat next to a young woman who was kind of talking to herself.  While stopped at the traffic light, she read a sign in the park that said something about New Year Resolutions. She turned to me and said she thought the park sign was rather strange and what did the park have to do with New Year resolutions.  That opened a door for a brief discussion at which time she shared that her life was amiss currently and hinted at maybe having a drinking problem and trying to get back on track with her life.  I felt moved to share that she had it within herself to solve her problems if she could just find someone to listen to her as she tried to work things out for herself.  I told her of our ministry at the listening post.  Anyway I just had this overwhelming sense that God put me on the bus this morning because that young woman needed someone to listen to her for a few minutes.  I am just so thankful for the Listening Post and everything I have learned through this ministry!  This was only a very brief encounter, but made me realize that we should always be open to a listening opportunity.  We never know when an open ear will make a difference for someone.